Michelle Wentling is a recent graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Her specializations include rhetoric, digital media studies, and environmental humanities.


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I’ve been thinking quite a bit on the topic of discrimination, justice, and race throughout the course of this semester. When I think of justice, the concept of environmental justice and discrimination comes to mind nearly every time. This is likely due to the fact that environmental issues are often at the forefront of my mind. … Continue reading Justice

Art & Science (& Rhetoric)

This week, eco-artist Brandon Ballengée visited The Ohio State University. He discussed the modes of conveying environmental issues, particularly pollution and extinction. During his artist talk at the Wex, he mentioned the various influences writers and activists have had on his work. Some of these included Bill McKibben, Jared Diamond. This reminded me, and hopefully others in the audience, … Continue reading Art & Science (& Rhetoric)

Counter Narratives of Environmentalism?

march 21, 2018 Dominant narratives pervade our everyday lives, often going unnoticed and unquestioned. Every space we inhabit possesses and often perpetuates these dominant narratives. For instance, Ohio State displays a dominant narrative of strength, tradition, success, intelligence, and athleticism, and those who dare to question that narrative and discourse or simply oppose it by … Continue reading Counter Narratives of Environmentalism?

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