Digital Media

Promotional Video

This promotional video was created for the office of Outreach and Engagement at Ohio State. As a team member, I worked in collaboration with students and professors to craft a video that would highlight the benefits of the Toy Adaptation Program for students as well as the Columbus community.


Concept in 60

In this project, I was assigned to record a minute-long video– no shorter and no longer– focused on a concept of our own choosing. Due to my interest in sustainability and various  eco campaigns that often include a great deal of greenwashing, I chose to express my discontent with the ever-growing image of environmental consciousness. I needed to look no further than my own university to find evidence of this.

Over the past decade, Ohio State has begun advertising itself as an epicenter of sustainable research and practice. In 2015 the university drew out a plan to ensure that sustainable solutions will be implemented in the coming years. This is what we hear about sustainability at OSU, but what do we truly see? Is biodiversity being sustained or simply reputation?


Spacial Rhetorical Analysis